Kiss Day with QVC

Today is the official world kiss day. Nowadays we live stressful days, with a lot of work ahead of us, and we forget to take a moment and just kiss our beloved ones. Today is just a reminder for the people worldwide, so let’s celebrate this special day, with a big kiss.

For this special day, we have a pair with QVC Germany to create beautiful and inspiring looks with beautiful lipstick, that I am sure you will love. We want also to enjoy this day so much that we are going to make a giveaway so you can also win one this beautiful lipstick set.

Office Look

The perfect office look for me is a simple effortless look where I can emphasize my eyes without making them to dark, and still have a fresh look that I can retouch during the day. That’s why my best friend is the nudes tone for the lips, for this look I used kitty from Bareminerals, is super reach color, and even do is a nude color gives a nice touch to the makeup

I also love to use bronzer, but you have to be careful how to put it, you want to have a natural look, so you will have to blend into your hairline and down to your décolleté.

For your eyes is important to highlight them with natural colors without making a dark smoky eye, remember is a fresh neutral look.

Date Look

This is the perfect look for a date night or a night with your friends, again I am a fan of natural makeup, you don’t want to look unrecognizable under a thick mask face paint, but you want to highlight your best features. You want to find the perfect balance between fresh makeup and a bit of glam. Remember before any makeup you have to moisturize your face otherwise the makeup looks horrible.

Choose a nice foundation that goes good with your skin, you can go a bit deeper with the eyes by making a smoky look but with natural colors rather than black, choose a natural palette that complements your coloring with a light touch. Finish your eyes a nice mascara to Accenture your lashes. Don’t forget your eyebrows, using a brow pencil in the appropriate color and a short bristled brow brush, gently fill in any natural gaps and make sure your brows are lying in the right place.

With a big brush sweep a bronzing powder over your cheekbones; under your jawline and in the hollows of your eyes, this will prevent your foundation from taking on that undesirable unnatural mask effect.

With an illuminator highlight the arches of your brow bones and define your cheeks and jaw, remember you want to enhance your natural look.

Down to the most important feature of your date face is, of course, your lips, use a matt lipstick to define your lips and tinted with a gloss color. For this look, I used Honeybun from Bareminerals. Remember your moth should draw just enough attention because is sexy, and not because is overdramatic.

Party Look

You can repeat the previous makeup but this time you can make it stronger again is important to highlight your face featured but remind natural. For this kind of makeup, I like to concentrate on the eyes by making them darker, with natural darker tones and of course eyeliner to define my eyes. I love to make a cat eyes with the eyeliner because it works well with my face structure. To have a more dramatic look I use a thick mascara up and down, that makes my eyes look bigger and brighter. I also like to use a white eyeliner inside my eyes a complete the look with an eye shadow under my eyes (like a beige or brown)

This time I also use a stronger blush, I choose a baby pink or rose pink and I blend it on my cheeks till I get the desired color, the most important is to choose the right color for your skin color.

Last but not least Lips!

First I use a lip liner to define my lips, I will counter my lips, to make them appear fuller, then I will fill my lips first with the lip liner and then I will apply the lipstick, in this way the color with the last longer… The most important thing is the lip liner and the lipstick should have the same tone otherwise it doesn’t look pretty.

Choose a darker color, like berry tones or blue-based shades of reds and purples, in my case I choose a color that complements my eyes color, I have green eyes so I always try to choose a lip color that goes good with green, so I can have a kind of harmony in my makeup. This time I choose queen from Bareminerals together with orchid berry from Mally, the Mally lipsticks are very rich and give a nice touch to a dark base.

It is important that your look matches the type of party you are attending, if you are going to a formal party a natural makeup would be better.


In collaboration with QVC Germany



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