Makeup tips and tricks

For a couple of weeks, ago I had the opportunity to get my makeup done at my favorite place in Vienna, that is, of course, Prantl & Praechtig. I got the chance to get spoil that time by Florian, the makeup artist at Prantl and Praechtig. He did a nice, clean and fresh makeup for me, and I am going to tell you all about Florian Tips and Tricks.

First, we start by hydrating this step is really important before we start with the makeup, make sure to distribute well the moisturizer because otherwise you will see underneath the makeup and you will see if the skin is hydrated or not.

Actually, this the first step in my mornings routine, especially now in winter when I get a bit dry skin, I am always sure to keep my face extra moisturize.

The second step is to prime the face after moisturizer the face, in this way the skin looks smoother and your look will last longer. We also want to protect the face not to suck up all the products, be sure not to put too much otherwise you will have a hard time distributing the products afterward.

This step I didn’t know was so important, I have never been the extra makeup kind of girl, I just like to highlight my eyes, and to keep the makeup as simple as I can, so it was interesting to see how many steps are before you get the final result.

The next step is to concealer, be sure to conceal all that you don’t want to see underneath the makeup, afterward, we will be using a setting powder over the parts we conceal to be sure it stays in place.

The next step is to prime the eyes before we add the eye shadow, to be sure the eye makeup will last longer, and afterward, we are ready to start the nice nude look.

Afterward, Florian put blush on my chicks and at the end some lipstick to finish a nice fresh look.

For more information  please Visit: Prantl & Praechtig 


Credits: Marcos Aray


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