Heatcure by Redken

Redken has just introduced New Heatcure Professional, a special treatment heat-activated salon service. I had the opportunity to taste at Prantl & Praechtig salon in Vienna.

For over a year this is my place to be, the place where I get the best treatment and style for my hair and a place where I can disconnect and relax.

Walter Prantl is the owner of Prantl & Praechtig. He is an international Certified Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, with years of experience, and with an international background. Although he is Austrian, he worked in Holland, Switzerland and Latin America.

His international background makes him, at least for me the best hairstylist in Vienna.

Last week we try the heatcure on my hair, the results were fantastic, don’t take me wrong since I am in the hands of Walter, my hair has never been better. Not only reaper my hair in one treatment, but also gives a super shiny hair. Never the less is always good to make the treatment to protect the hair.

The Treatment

The two-section Heatcure framework incorporates the back bar benefit, which comprises of the Heatcure Professional Formula and the Heatcure Professional Tool. After the salon benefit, even the most harmed hair is in a split second reestablished to a sound, energetic search and fondle for to 10 washes! Keep up the look and feel of sound hair with the at-home self-warming cover for moment molding, delicate quality, and sparkle, repairing up to one year of hair’s surface harm!

The warmth actuated protein conveyance framework infiltrates profound into the hair’s cortex to in a split second sustain and reestablishes harmed hair with enduring outcomes. The reclamation benefit starts with the Heatcure Professional Formula which highlights a one of a kind blend of proteins including arginine, soy, sepicap; wheat and palm oils; low softening point waxes and cationic surfactants. The fixings condense and infiltrate up to the cortex of the hair with the utilization of the Heatcure Professional Tool, a restrictive clay instrument for hair reclamation planned with a particularly adjusted low-warm setting of 284°F.

The Heatcure Professional Tool highlights a low-warm single-setting that is kept up at this same temperature all through the full administration. A short time later, hair looks and feels more beneficial, more molded, fed and less harmed. Indeed, considers demonstrating that after only one Heat core Professional Service, 96% of customers concurred their hair felt more molded, and 94% concurred their hair looked more beneficial.

I have to say, that after one week my hair is extremely shiny and super soft, is even easier for me to style it at home.


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