This year Anzüglich surprise us again with a great collection for MQ Vienna Fashion Week, and great pieces, and is because the style of Bawi Koszednar has always a strong point of view. This year she presents us timeless pieces, with symmetric forms, and color blocking pieces.

I personally found this collection really easy to combine, is simple , but at the same time really strong, the maxi dress with the geometric forms, are beautiful, and the combine of colors between each piece was great, you cannot go wrong with this collection because you have a great variety of pieces from the basic ones until the most sophisticated ones, arriving with the little black dress we all should have in our closets.

The beige shirt dress she presents this year is phenomenal, with the orange details, and the right accessories you will have your new best friend for spring 2015, but as simple as it looks the cotton, Bawi Koszednar, manage to give to each look an elegant point of view, you can use this collection, to go to the office, or you can simply go for a more comfortable look.

But Anzüglich, more than a woman’s cloth company have a really interesting concept behind since 2008, the collections are being produced  in Cusco, Peru.  Supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and according to the conventions of the International Arbeitsorgansation the UN, they offer permanent employment at fair wages and fair working conditions. The materials they use is organic cotton, this cotton  provides a garment made of fine, skin-friendly organic cotton noticeably higher wearing comfort. The textile production, as well as the cultivation of cotton and organic natural fibers have a long tradition in Peru. This guarantees a high-quality processing of quasi high-quality materials.



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