Fashion Collection

Today we bring you guys the last fashion collection of Alejandro Ramirez: Landing paradise. The last collection of the Venezuelan designer was presented at the Fashion Week in the Dominican Republic 2015.

His last proposal is full of earth colors, where the greens, whites and yellows are the protagonist of the collection; and his focus is to embrace one more time the feminine body of the Latin woman.

After living in Europe for over 5 years, is always refreshing to have the opportunity to see the last collections of the Latin designers, for the reason that the European aesthetics are just different, and are more minimalistic.

Latin designers are not afraid of colors and today collection is the living proof of how you can mix the colors and textures in the smartest way, like our friend Alejandro just did.

He specialises not just in haut couture but also in pret-a-porter for women, inspired by the curvy Latin woman who wants to show her curves and is not afraid to used colors

His last collection called Landing paradise, is a broad proposal, and offers a large collection of dresses, jumpsuit, and blouses; although each piece is perfectly combine with each other you can see the mix of textures and colors that make each piece a little jewel to have in your closet, especially for the hot season we are all living at the moment in Europe.

I do wish to share with you this proposal, and my favorite dresses of this season, like the green asymmetric dress with the flower touch, and for the extra crazy touch the metallic belt, to accentuate the waist and make you even taller. Another interesting proposal the yellow blouse combined with the white pants.

For those of you who don’t know Alejandro Ramirez he is a successful Venezuelan designer who studies at Centro de Formacion Artistica Brivil, just like me, and actually when I studied he was one of my illustration professor, and later my boss and friend.

He has ensured his position as Venezuelan designer after dressing some of the contestants of the Miss Venezuela and the most beautiful brides of Caracas, and we are always a delight to show you guys his last proposals.



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