Fine Jewelry designer Madeleine Issing

Madeleine Issing is a fine jewelry designer; born and raised in Würzburg Germany, her friends still remember when she was sitting with a box of pearls, crafting and making her first jewelry. So it was simply a question of time until she established her own gems mark in 2011.

Her source of motivation is individuals who surround her, great discussions and exercises. She investigations these impressions takes as much time as necessary to prepare these, includes influences of music, websites, motion pictures, and photographs so a picture world creates in which the new gathering is put. Madeleine builds up the newsgathering as well as makes a reasonable thought of the lady who wears her pieces and who she wishes to be a piece of the excursion.

Energy is vital and she is a genuine devotee to confiding in herself and in addition tailing her heart. In this manner, Madeleine Issing’s gems line is portrayed by energy, steady change and the influences of companions what’s more, popular society.

High Rotation Collection

The amazing Fox Glacier in New Zealand has interested human hood for a considerable length of time, hundreds of years and a large number of years. It has created since the get-go and its minerals have advanced under high weight and temperature. Today light refraction and light reflection demonstrate the magnificence of these valuable minerals.

Madeleine Issing got roused by this common marvel and outlined the accumulation “High Rotation”. In this accumulation, she utilizes comparative minerals, for example, precious stones, marble, and quartz gems and consolidates their crude, normal excellence with a moderate outline.

Madeleine Issing interprets the interest with the Fox Glacier and its minerals and light into remarkable, valuable adornments with a story to tell.

Thusly she exchanges the long convention of utilizing them as four-leaf clover furthermore, recuperating stone into cutting edge life.

The accumulation “High Rotation” is an augmentation of the gathering “Affection and Mathematics” which dispatched in Autumn 2014. The originator communicates her enthusiasm for her work with “be all in or hard and fast, there is no midway. Enthusiasm is key and it is the wellspring of my vitality”.

”My source of happiness is the feeling of being protected and cared for. It is the privilege of seeing life in a positive light. It is the trust and fundamental confidence in life and love which give me the certainty that everything”


To know more about this amazing Designer please visit: Madeleine Issing

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