Floral Collection

Alejandro Ramirez is a great designer, and this time he present us Floral Collection an ideal collection to go to that summer trip you always plan, is a fresh collection full of color special for the beach; this collection have all the key pieces you need to pack in your suitcase with destination: end of the sunset.

The bathing suit is in vibrant colors, and easy to combine with the dress, blouses and silk pants, with a strong pallet of color that includes: orange, purple and green, make this collection an extremely versatile one, and extremely sexy.

This collection, is not just dedicated to a woman, it also has menswear, like shorts, bathing suits and shirts; this collection  will make the perfect match for that special night, or day trip; to discover the city or new restaurants. You simply cannot miss this strong collection.


The green bathing suit, purple blouse, the silk pant and the short orange dress…

If you want to know more about this amazing designer, read his review



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