Gabriela Mora, is a young jewel designer, who we love, today she presents us her newest collection Astrolabio, and of course we already have our favorites! And you?

We made a little interview to Gabriela Mora, to find out a little bit more about her last collection!

What was your inspiration for this collection?

The astrolabes, were used in ancient times and more recently in the eighteenth century, these measuring instruments have been used to determine the location of the stars in the celestial vault.

Which is the type of woman who wears your designs?

The woman who gets my pieces, is a modern, creative and self-assured, at the same time she is elegant and sophisticated woman. A woman who takes risks and enjoys it.

What defines you as a designer?

I am particularly concerned about the concept and the story behind each and every one of my collections. Each of my pieces has something of myself, when I start a new collection I feel the passion and enthusiasm in the first days.



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