Graduated as an Architect in Caracas, Venezuela. Later she moved to Madrid to develop her passion for design once she became a jeweller.  In 2012, she created her own personal brand Gabriela Mora Jewelry a collection containing strong architectural influences, and with technological tools, laser cutting and 3D printing playing intricate roles in the elaboration of each one of her collections.

Usually she works with brass, silver or acrylic, obtaining a hand finish and giving the pieces a unique character. And as you can see her past as an architect is well reflected on her work.

This Unique and strong pieces, can be the perfect match in every occasion because the pure line that very piece have, make each piece really elegant. The way she mixes the acrylic with brass is just phenomenal, the necklaces with the geometric forms mix them with the earrings together with the bracelets goes perfectly with each other.

You can find them on her website Gabriela Mora

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