Fashion Designer Gabriela Vallejos

Gabriela Vallejos, it’s a young fashion designer; she graduates from The Swedish School of Textiles. She is following her dreams, full of creativity and audacity, and we have the opportunity to see her last collection, and to talk to her about what inspired her, and what was behind this creative process.

When did you decide to become a designer?

I don’t remember the exact moment, but I’ve always been sewing since I was little, making clothes for my dolls and teddy-bears. I think maybe after high school once I’ve tried out other things that I knew that design and the craftsmanship behind it were my things.

Who was your first client?

My Barbie.

How was the process to become a designer?

My mom and grandmother taught me how to sew, and I learned a lot by myself. I later went to school to learn pattern-making and took courses to develop my design process. Besides that, I’ve always had an inner desire to create things.

Which materials did you use for your last collection?

My latest collection was about the stretch characteristics in fine knits, so I used stretch fabrics in combination with heavier woven fabrics as a contrast. I wanted the collection to be fun and eye appealing, so I also chose colors and materials that were shiny and light reflective.

What was the inspiration for your last collection?

The collection began as a form of exploration. It didn’t start with any inspiration but more as an investigation of elasticity and stretch. As the process went on I began to control the outcome more and started to visualize a certain girl. I guess there are some candy elements in this collection too!

What is your specialty?

I would say working with jersey. Mostly because it’s my fabric choice when dressing. But I also like graphics and of course the color! I don’t feel any material can compare to the power of color combinations.

To whom you design?

I design for anyone who wants’s to wear my clothes.

What inspired you?

I would say that often graphic or architectural lines inspire me and of course color. But it’s also about the overall feeling. Once I find something, and it starts to evolve, a certain atmosphere rises, and I try to read into it and capture it to set the tone for a garment or a whole collection. My overall main inspiration and words of wisdom are that fashion is like candy, it’s supposed to be fun!

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