Lazlo Fashion

The brand Lazlo comes from the surname of founder Edina László. Edina has been attending design fairs since 2009, mainly in Austria. She designs a number of collections for different brands. At the beginning of 2012, she started her own brand, which is based only own designs.

These collections do not vary according to seasons like the traditional, well-known brands, and they don’t follow the color trends. They are always based on an idea, thought or concept, and are mixed with other artistic elements. As these models are independent of trends, they can be worn at any time. Edina’s goal is to create a brand that is young, girly and wild, and also full of feelings. Simple, new and wearable.

When did you decide to become a designer?

Originally I began my career as a textile print designer. When I started my Ph.D. I needed to choose a surface for my prints, and then I decided that clothes and garments should be it. I become more and more interested in fashion, so I started to design clothes as well. I still create the patterns for my pieces, so pattern- and clothes design have become my two main lines, and I apply both in my collections.

What makes your clothes special?

My brand, Lazlo does not want to follow recent fashion trends. It is rather self-expression for me, and each piece is based on my own unique inspiration. Many of my clothes are decorated with my own prints, which I not only design but also make them myself. Each pattern is different, therefore there are no identical pieces in my collection. I only do very small-serial collections, so my customers can be sure that they will not bump into the same piece on each and every corner.

How did you develop the concept?

Straight from the start, my aim was to grow to an international brand. So it was important to choose a brand name that also works well on the global market. The name Lazlo is originated from my surname László, however, I dropped the letter S from it, as in most languages there is no SZ letter.

The concept was always to create collections for women, who dare to be unique and express their own style. I do not want to be super luxurious, as I want my collection to be affordable for everyday women. I want to show that everyone can be stylish if they dare to express, who they really are.

How was the process of becoming a designer?

The major work of a fashion designer is when you make your plans and sketches into something real, and turn your ideas into touchable products. I realized that if I want to create high-quality collections the first step is to make great and high standard clothes patterns. This is the base and to master this skill, you need to practice a lot.

Then when I received more and more orders, I needed a small team with people who have the expertise and could help me in those fields in which I have less experience.

I guess, the most crucial part is to gain as much experience and practice as you can, you cannot save the hard work if you want to grow professionally. I and my team learn a lot each day and know that even if we fail sometimes – which is unavoidable – we can learn a lot from these failures, and it helps us to do it better the next time.

So good quality, professionalism, and a good team is the base, then you have to sell your brand, and for this, you need great marketing and valuable connections. For me, it is important that people can see my collections on the spot so I regularly attend design fairs and occasionally fashion shows both in Hungary and in Austria. These are great networking places and also bring my clothes closer to the audience.

What inspires you?

My main inspiration is life itself, people, emotions, random moods and thoughts, and also visuals, such as colors and shapes. I love observing people around me, how they live their daily life, how they feel and react.

What was the inspiration for your last collection?

The source of inspiration was love and emotions, so I choose the heart as my main theme in this collection. The heart has always been the main symbol for our feelings, it represents love, happiness, and good health. The heart-shape pattern is a recurrent motive in my new collection, and the heart concept also refers to another level, as all of my clothes are made of eco- friendly materials and we take extra care for ethical production. So wearing these pieces is literally better both for your heart and soul.

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