KISS (*Keep It Simple and Sophisticated!)

In other terms, the Madame challenge is a joy and tension with respect to the unlimited possibilities and desires. The sculpture of the body in all its varieties and connotations is our source of inspiration and target at the same time (ultimate destination: desire).


This collection, particularly amazed me a lot, the subtle lines and delicate finishes are impressive. With the motto, simple and sophisticated, I found the woman who designed this collection for,  is a confident woman who knows herself what she wants and is extremely sexy. All the pieces are amazing and very easy to combine, without losing the sophisticated touch.

I am describing my clothing as an extension and supplementation of the body sculpture, it is giving me the possibility to move and/or emphasis proportions of the body. Variation and deconstruction of patterns as well as playing with the structure of fabrics are my tools to reshape the body/physics. My aim is to keep on playing with options and possibilities, no matter what age and independent of any seasonal trends.



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