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Mario Young is a young fashion designer, an individual with a wealth of experience gained in the highly competitive fashion industry. A bright, self-motivated and open enthusiastic communicator that has both fashion design and management skills specialized in Menswear. Has commercial awareness and successfully developed new skills of driving the business forward whilst delivering high standards of collection presentation with unique styling skills and modern Menswear design philosophy.

Former working experiences: British singer Stedman Pearson’s Personal Stylist, Vivienne Westwood Menswear Show Room, Alexander McQueen Embroidery Department. Joining Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) since April. 2014 with his first collection A/W 14-15 launching in Paris and Canada.

MARIO YOUNG is a modern fashion brand focusing on menswear fashion. Aiming at creating a unique men’s lifestyle, setting up an Haute Couture fashion standard, the Brand collection had been started in London, based in Paris since 2014.

What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

Looking good and having fun! It is a cliché that fashion is one of the most difficult industries to work for, a lot of people lost their happiness and personal life when it comes to a job. Mostly because they forgot why they chose fashion in the first place. For me, fashion is my life passion, and artistic lifestyle and a great weapon helping people stand out from the crowd, be distinctive and fun. I am not saying my fashion journey is an essay, but I am trying to ignore the negative parts and see the positive and glamorous sides, that’s how I am still enjoying working for the industry but not change to be a bartender.

What was your first job in the fashion industry?

My first job in the fashion industry is actually making a pattern draft for a big toy fox head on a 2m * 3m square meters canvas. It was pretty a challenge for me and finally, I did it! My boss also liked it!

Talk about the changes in your life since you’ve taken as Stage Assistant stylist at  Christian Dior Couture.

It is my best experience in the industry. It makes me realize I can do the things I thought I could never do, makes me more confident and believing in myself. By observing the surroundings in Dior, spectacular techniques, rich material and researching resources, luxury presentation, passion, and energy…  I can see stylistic connections between me and Dior. If there is a chance I would like to go back to work for the design team again.

Describe what do you do in your work? What did you choose as inspiration and why?

I like to choose the things close to me, the things that grab my attention at any time to be my inspirations, after I use the key elements to start design.

I also like to translate abstract form into representational forms, my latest collection was inspired by seven deadly sins, I created a look for each sin; each sin is representing a character in life.

What do you like about your work?

It is a reflection of myself. My works are complicated…

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the Fashion Business?

Fashion is teamwork. Never be afraid to ask help from others and chose the right people to work with.

Can you please tell me more about the Versace project?

It is just a school project during my second year at university when I was living in London. It was a collaboration work with the print student from my school. The process was long and difficult to combine all the different skills and techniques together, but it is a great step for me in life to learn how to cooperate with people.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to have my company based in Paris with a design studio and atelier.  I want to promote my brands and fashion style to China, Europe, and North America.

To know more about the brand, please visit: Mario Young

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