Fashion Designer Min Kim 

Min Kim, is a young fashion designer graduate from the London College of Fashion, for her graduation, she presents a strong collection, and we made her a little interview so you can understand whose mind is behind this beautiful collection.

What Inspires you?

I usually inspire from me and around me like a small episode with my sisters and friend, which was my full subject ” The season’s of women’s lives”. It always has stories that everyone can feel sympathy and friendly, but very unpredicted and fun.

What was the inspiration for this collection?

In terms of this collection, when I see the photo book of Vee Speer for a birthday party, I recognize that all girls were wearing the pink dress, which can call that kind of a phenomenon as “Pink Frilled Dress Syndrome”. It looks quite they had been forced to be womanly. So, I would like to make them escaped that kind of social situation and I made reference that the girls wear very big and weird vintage clothes as not the proper way to make another and unexpected silhouettes.

Which materials did you use for this collection?

I have constructed my designs from using new fabric, which hasn’t been used beforeThey are very creative and are a new modern look of silhouette design. The fabric I have used in my collection is created by myself so it would be new in the market. Additionally, I wanted to use pink and blue, well known as gender color. Between these two, pink through the achromatic color like white, grey and black.

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