Lemontrend Clothing Line

I am thrilled to introduce the Lemontrend Fall 2015 collection. This line is dedicated to the elegant men who is bored to use the same simple shirt. The whole process has been an amazing journey and we are so proud of our first Clothing line.

Since I graduate from the university, it was always my dream to have my own clothing line, and finally this dream has come true, we have been working hard for this project and finally is here. Last week we launched Lemontrend Menswear shirts clothing line, and are selling exclusively at Runway Vienna.

The inspiration behind the Fall 2015 line is focus in the Latin-American men, who is trendy, elegant and relax at the same time. We develop a line, which include normal shirts with different colors and guayaberas of pure linen to give the line this Latin-American touch in the center of Europe.

For those of you who don’t know what a Guayabera is, let me tell you is the typical latin shirt made of linen, however is extremely elegant, most men at least in Venezula get married in a beautiful white linen Guayabera on the beach, and most important you don’t have to used a jacket, because is already elegant enough. On the other side, we wanted to have a clothing line suitable for everybody and we also made normal shirts mixing the colors on the neck and on the cuffs.

Thanks to the support of Alexis Fernandez, owner of Runway Vienna, we were able to put exclusively our clothing line in his store. Runway Vienna is an exclusive boutique in the heart of Vienna who represents local designers including us. The store you can find it in Goldschmiedgasse 10 1010 behind Perters Kirche.

If you want to know more about this boutique and our Clothing Line please visit: Runway Vienna


Photos: Marcos Aray

Model: Thomas Amon

Runway Vienna



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