Fashion Designer Noemi Nagy

Noemi Nagy is the fashion designer behind PRIESTON, a Hungarian Fashion brand well known for her experimental and conceptual designs; Noemi presented her first collection in spring 2013 and since then surprise each season her audience with new styles and unexpected color choices.

The woman of PRIESTON, is an urban woman in her early 30s, has a growing carrier, but still likes to show her feminine side. The PRIESTON woman is confident, strong, and she wants to show her personality through fashion.

PRIESTON is a regular at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, but this September it was introduced to the London Fashion Week audience as well.

Today we present to you PRIESTON last collection, together with the details of this beautiful and extra feminine collection.


Passion, glamour, and extremes. The new collection of Prieston by Noemi Nagy was inspired by Russia. It’s designed for modern women, with a focus on special occasions and moments of exaggerated feelings. See-through fabrics and floral motifs bring sensual playfulness to the dramatic colors, while the crystals of Swarovski Elements give sparkle to the collection. At first glance, there might be a significant difference compared to the previous collections, but the brand’s DNA has not changed: clean lines and versatile pieces that find their places in any modern, urban woman’s wardrobe.


Thousands of sparkling Swarovski Elements crystals give playful glamour even to the most dramatic looks.


Most of the fabrics are silk-based, with additional taffeta, brocade, and some cotton.


The Russian inspiration is the most obvious in the color range: the red and bold pink is prevalent, while nude and black are mostly complementary colors.

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