Fashion Designer Rachel O’Mahony

Today Lemontrend has the opportunity to speak with Rachel O’Mahony, a young Fashion Designer who graduates from the London Fashion College. Rachel O’Mahony is the Winner of the London College Fashion Award 2014, the Winner of Cass Art Student Spotlight Competition 2014 and the London College of Fashion Press Show 2014 Participant. I spoke with Rachel about her last Collection, and what was her inspiration, but I also wanted to know who she is as a Designer, to understand from where she comes and where she is going.

What was your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my fascination with the classical past. My interest surrounding classical art continuously motivates my design ethos as I become more aware of the representation of past identities. The sophistication of Womenswear in the nineteenth century is exceptionally inspiring and represents my refined aesthetic and design approach.

My graduate collection concept conveys the revival of a classic style from new perspectives with a new motivation that reflects modern society.  The disloyal attitude to tradition through the destructive force of a formal organization demonstrates the vitality of our culture. Artists such as Nicola Samori and Chad Wys communicate this obsession through manipulating their various classical art pieces, though surface attacks, digital influences, and corrosion to create a new ‘window into reality’. The collection is mainly all handmade with a focus on smocking, beading, and dip-dying to produce a beautiful collage of textile creations that are both feminine and beautiful with a distorted twist.

Designer: Rachel O’Mahony
Videographer: Kez Koo

What defines you as a designer?

When designing the most important factor for me to include is a delicacy and to capture a sense of femininity. I enjoy creating individual and limited edition couture garments that embrace a variety of textile elements. The fabric is very important to me as good quality silks and chiffons can enhance the overall appearance and the fluidity of the garment.

To whom you design?

The woman who would wear my collection would be a sophisticated, elegant and graceful individual with a beautiful and tasteful manner. She will have the confidence to challenge the traditional notions the western culture has created and the garments would be ideal for important and glamorous events and artistic editorials.

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