The Oscar Collection

Tatjana Stankovic, expose in MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014 her last Collection ”Oscar”, a handmade collection, full of details and extremely elegant, the inspiration for this Collection is based on the red carpet and every dress is a unique piece of art.

Tatjana Stankovic, has presented her collection in Belgrade Fashion Week in 2010 and 2012, and this year she brought her collection to the Austrian market to amuse us, with a collection full of elegance, each dress is unique, and each dress has more than 36 hours of handwork. Personally for me, was really interesting to see close each one of her dresses, as a Fashion Designer, I can see how much work each and every one of these dresses have, and it was really a pleasure to speak with Tatjana, a fashion designer full of energy, with a strong point of view, but still simply from the heart…


The first haute couture collection SUCCESS COUTURE by Tatjana Stankovic is based on the idea of ultimate femininity, which is reflected in the rich materials she uses: lace, satin, and silk woven, or with just a few elements such as embroidery or beads…

In 2008. Graduated in textile design and clothing, High Vocational School of Design, Technology, and Management in Belgrade.

In 2010 she founded the fashion brand SUCCESS by Tatjana Stankovic, with the desire to show herself in the right way, indicating the ambition and the design of her own, thus launching her name in the fashion world. She is a designer of sophisticated, elegant dresses, as the personification of luxury and glamour. Elegance and femininity are the dominant aspects of her design.

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