Brand Ayo Van Elmar

Ayo Van Elmar is a young and emerging brand, with a unique Afro-European fusion, we went to her last Fashion show, where she presents her last collection The Bag Lady.

The Bag Lady was inspired by the city of Florence in Italy, her materials: leather handbag mixes it with colorful fabrics, and as a result, a strong collection with African roots.

Most women have different handbags in their closets, and when one handbag is damaged or broken, they simply throw it away. The Bag Lady collection is inspired in those abandoned Handbags, personified as human. Bag lady is a unique collection. Her structures are solid and defined; items that were once the bag are deconstructed and reconstructed to become wearable and eco-friendly fashion outfits.

The transformation of handbags into clothes pieces create a completely new piece of art, which may no longer called Bag, but becomes a fashionable, and wearable outfit.

Ayo Van Elmar launches her first collection in 2011, and since then she has achieved, success, presenting her collections in Nigeria, London and Vienna Fashion week, she was also contracted to design the wardrobe for the TV Shows:

  • 2012 Nigeria’s Got Talent
  • 2013 Glo X-Factor West Africa

We were present in her last show and were also backstage from where we could take a closer look, in this unusual but still wearable collection.

Ayo Fashion Show, count with the participation of Miss Earth Models, who are raising funds for The Sunshine Project.

This year the Sunshine Project is clothing children at rural orphanages this Christmas. Funds will be needed to make new apparel and buy new pairs of shoes. Miss Earth is one of the three most important beauty pageants in the world. „Beauties for a cause“- this is a guideline. The title holders are not just beauties; they have a strong interest in global issues and support humanitarian and ecological projects.

They are advocates for our environment and serve as role models for being respectful towards Earth and the people living on it.



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