Happy New Year

Happy New Year! After almost three weeks out with the horrible flu, I am finally back, I must say I felt really bad and I barely make it out of the bed. Now, we are back, and of course, I want to wish you all Happy New Year, and I hope all your dreams come true is this 2017.

2016, was a year full of surprises and hard work, I have to say we manage to make interviews to interesting personalities of the Fashion world, and we got the opportunity to work in different interesting projects.

Today, I want to share with you all our special moments we had in 2016, for starters we became officials contributors of the Huffington Post.


Runway Vienna Fashion Event

We had the opportunity to organize the backstage of Runway Vienna Fashion Show, and like this, we got to meet cool international designers that later on we also interviewed them, and follow their career as designers, Makeup Artist and Photographers.


The Silk Merchant

Thanks to Instagram, we discover a beautiful Australian Brand The Silk Merchant, who produces great and unique Handbags.


Stephen Van Eeden

We also had a great interview with South African Designer Stephen Van Eeden, a bride designer, with one of the most beautiful Wedding dresses I had ever seen.


Chapeau D’ Amour

But, I think one of our most important articles was about the Chapeau D’ Amour, World’s Most expensive Hat, a design of course by our friend Louis Mariette.


Maurizio Giambra Spring Collection

We were also part of the Spring Collection of Maurizio Giambra production, and we had the opportunity to work with Swiss Photographer Verena Mandragora and Makeup Artist Christine Akbaba. The photoshoot was made in the beautiful butterfly museum in Vienna, I have to say was a great experience to photo-shoot in such a beautiful place with gorgeous butterflies flying around.


Jay Manuel

One of the greatest opportunities we had thanks to QVC Germany was for sure the interview we did to Beauty and Fashion expert Jay Manuel. I follow him since American Next top Model started, to be fair I never miss an episode, and it was an honor for us to make him an interview about his career, and how he started in the fashion business.

2016, was a hard year, I will not lie, but it was a year with many sacrifices, but with amazing results, personally and professional.

At Lemontrend, we had give all the effort to offer to all of you the best career interviews, and the best career opportunities, with the launched of Lemontrend Careers, where you can find worldwide the best job opportunities in the Fashion Business.

I am sure 2017 is going to be a great year, with many surprises, and I can’t wait to show you guys all what we had prepared for you.




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