September is the month of Fashion here in Vienna, and once again MQ Vienna Fashion Week, gave us an overlook of fashion, with national and international designers.

One week of presentations and fashion shows, is the best way for me to discover new national and international talents, and enjoy the old school of the designers who every year present they are exclusive collections.

This year I have the opportunity to discover new talents not just from Austria, but also from Rumania, Serbia and Thailand, with innovative ideas; the concept they presented,  was so fresh and innovative, that it was hard for me to not buy directly their products.

This year we have the opportunity to appreciate the collection from Andrea Tincu & Sense, from Romania with more than 20 years of experience, who is inspired by art. I could also appreciate the design of Irina Schrotter also from Romania, and very successful, today her brand is sold in 17 countries. Anzüglich from Austria, Lakwilai a modern luxury brand from Thailand, Laoni Leather design from Hungary with amazing bags, Laszlo also from Hungary with timeless models, Michalsky from Germany, Michel Mayer with a beautiful collection from Austria, Neon Cherie, Prototype, Schumacher from Germany, Shanks Shoes from Austria with a great shoe concept, Success Couture from Serbia, Tiberius from Austria, Zerum from Austria, between others.



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