I do have my secret.

Myns ‘’That’s my secret’’ is an interesting concept presented by Xenox Jewelry.

This beautiful secret keeper come in three different colors and sizes, and you can choose which secret you want to hide, which you always accompany and is only yours.

I had the opportunity to assist to a special evening, organized by Fashion Camp Vienna, where I had the opportunity to see more closely this concept, and to see the idea behind these filigree pendants.

They are so feminine and delicate, that is impossible not to fall in love with one of them, and I could not wait to long to pick up my little secret and to wear it.

There are five different pendant designs in three sizes, as well as in gold, silver and rosé and you can decide between Energy & Inspiration, Love & Vitality, Peace & Happiness and dreams and aspirations individually put together.

The selection of the Myns secrets together with the pendant is something very personal, and really yours. I personally enjoy choosing mine, but it was difficult for me to choose my secret, because they have so many possibilities that to choose one, was not an easy task.

Sometimes the beautiful things in life came in little details that touch our hearts and can bring us happiness.



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