Summer is here 

Finally, after a long winter, summer is here … So warm and full of outside activities, but where to begin? I personally like to plan my summer with time, especially because I love to travel to the seaside, and discover new places; last year as you saw in my previous post, Lemontrend went to Greeceand this year we are planning to discover Sardinia.

But Summer is not just a synonym of travel to the beach, you can also plan different outside activities with your friends in the local park of your community, and make barbecues, picnic or simply take a book and lie down in the park. For me this time of the year is synonymous to eat all the ice-cream I can and drink all the lemonade, to refresh myself.

For me this time of the year, I like to put all the winter clothes in a bag and put all my summer clothes back where they supposed to be the whole year … And finally, I get to wear my sandals and my flip flops and to choose the best swimwear for me. The style this time of the year is so light and full of color that I love to combine new pieces and have a fun outfit to come out, and especially to wear dresses all the time, especially in those super hot days in August. I like to re-invented my last year wardrobe, and buy new outstanding pieces and mix it with what I already have, so I can have a totally new outfit without.



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