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    Hi, guys!

    I’m a big fan of lipsticks so when I pass by the Dior Counter I got hypnotized with their new scrub lipstick, so I decide to get it. I now it is not essential but I just had to have it after looking a promotional clip with Dior’s new “muse” Bella Hadid in which she was applying it on her lips, while she was talking about its incredible benefits.

    This lip Sugar Scrub claim to exfoliates and moisturized your lips in one sweep without rinsing, which for me is pretty cool. After applying it I could feel how the dryness was disappearing, I felt my lips very smooth, also I noticed how my lips changed its color, make it them to look naturally pinker.

    I can not tell you how deliciously feminine this sugar lip scrub is and it’s because this reason that it has become part of my mornings routine to prepare and them before my makeup but sometimes I use it as a regular lipstick; I’m really addicted because I love to have the sensation of the sugar melting on my lips.

    Well it’s just beautiful as sweet and to make it even better, I have to say that it has a very lovely but very subtle minty essence that will make you dream that you own the must desirable lips on earth, -just kidding- but definitely is like to feel my lips but while better.

    What to say about the packaging and the price?

    Packaging is fancy, very beautiful. I paid 32 euros (yes, we know it’s a lot for a lip scrub) but I’m enjoying it so far, however, I don’t know if I’ll buy it again.

    Till the next!

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    Cool post, let me tell you at my evening routine the lip balm I use is from LOV Cosmetics, cost 9,90€ and have mango flavor.

    Is really cool, specially by the mango flavor which is to be my favorite fruit so for me is a win win situation.

    You try to get LOV Cosmetics in France they are really cool and amazing prices!

    Kisses from Vienna!!

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    Dear Tropglam,

    Great Review! I have never use Dior products, can you recommend me some products?


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    Thank you for sharing. I believe for a flawless makeup look the key is to evenly fill pores and smooth skin is very much important. As I am helping my sister for a dance performance in her college, I needed makeup help so that I can do her makeup properly. I’m not a beautician so my friend suggested me to use makeup tools like silicone sponge she bought from SiliDrop and is very much happy with its effect. According to you which is the best foundation applicator tool. Eagerly waiting for your suggestions.

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    Dear Rachel,

    I guess the best you can do is to use a foundation that is matt, My suggestion is, you can use Mac matchmaster, Its good covering and good for dancing because Its Really matt


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