Best Apps and Programs

Today I want to share with you guys the best apps and programs I use to edit my photos, not just for Instagram but also for the blog. For those of you who want to start a blog, or have already a blog, and don’t know how to edit your photos, you are in the right place.

Although a lot of us (bloggers) are maybe not a professional photographer, is always nice to be able to produce our own photos and create our own stories with a personal creative point of view. This step is actually what it makes the difference between all the blogger out there.

The good news is that for you to be able to reflect your style and more importantly your own aesthetics you don’t need to run to the next photo course; you can actually edit your photos by yourself with a little bit tricky here and there.

For starters is always advisable to have natural light on your photos, and the best way to get this natural light is by making a photo next to a window, or by using a soft light. In any case, after you have taken your photos you can always play with them by adapting the light, contrast, etc.

As you can see the left photo is before edition and the right is after edition

Best Program for Computer

Photoshop: this is an excellent program, is not that easy to use, but you can always find tutorials on YouTube.

Lightroom: this is one of my favorites because is very easy to use, and you can actually buy preset online to adapt your photos and after you can still adapt the lights or contrast it is necessary. Important is that if you buy a preset, be sure is for PC or for mobile.

I bought my favorite presets on Etsy

They have around 30 different presets not just for Pc but also for mobile, and like this, you can give a nice touch to your photos. I am currently using Cookie and cacao for my photos.

Best APPS for Mobile

Snapseed: This is one of the best apps for me because you can eliminate details of the picture, you can adapt the temperature, saturation and the brightness of your photo

VSCO: here you also have different filters, important is not to use the filter to the maximum but to adapt it to your photo. VSCO is great to use if you want your Instagram feed to be cohesive.

Facetune: this great to smooth your skin a little bit, or lighten the background or your teeth

Retouch: this app is great to remove things you don’t like from a photo, like cables, people in the back, etc.

Unfold: this is great to create Insta-stories after you edited your photos because you can choose between different frames to make your photos more beautiful.



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