Christmas craving list

November is about to finish, and since we had 2 days ago our first snow, my Christmas spirit start to overtake my head, that’s why today I bring you guys my pre-Christmas craving November list, to keep me cozy and add some Christmas touches.

As a Latin person, specially Venezuelan, for me is really difficult to adapt to the Austrian culture, because in Austria traditionally the people put the Christmas tree on the 24 of December, so imagine my frustration, when I cannot find a Christmas tree in November to put it at home together with all the Christmas decoration.

Of course when I explain my frustration to my significant other, he thought that I was crazy because I wanted to decorate our house already at the beginning of November…

You see for us Venezuelans  is the most waiting time of the year and even do we (for sure) don’t have snow down there we love to have our houses full decorated at the beginning of November, till probably end of January…

So again, imagine my frustration, every time I open my facebook, and I see all the beautiful trees, tables, light, and CO in my friend’s photos! So I decide to mix a bit of cozy, with a bit of gold… maybe a Christmas tree?

For me candles are part of my daily routine, I love to have scented candles in every room of our house, not just to give a romantic atmosphere but also to have a relaxing aroma around the house.

Now that we already hit winter, I need to be warm at home… for me the perfect temperature at home is 25 degrees, which everybody in Austria thinks that I am crazy, and is totally unhealthy to sleep at this temperature… so I agreed to put it down to 21 degrees, consequently I love to have next to my bed this lambskin carpet…



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