What is on your Christmas list?

The first week of December already pass and we just have 17 days to Christmas eve, of course is not the same to have Christmas in Austria, where is winter probably snow and the Christmas spirit is everywhere, than to have it in Venezuela, probably at the beach, in any case, this year we decide to stay in Vienna, and have a romantic Christmas dinner at home.

For dinner I am planning to have a real Venezuelan dinner, but for that I have to wait for my dear friend Kerstin, who is still in Thailand, you see we Venezuelan are so complex that our Christmas national dish needs at least 3 days to be prepare, and the whole family, because my family is not here, but my friends are, I am going to have an international day at home with my close friends to bring a bit of Venezuela to them, I am just missing that little bird and the gang is complete.

But today post is not about our quite romantic Christmas dinner, but more about my Christmas wish list!, dedicated to all my friends and family and more special to my significant other.

This lovely black dress was love at the first sight, I specially love the details on the top, fortunately there is never enough black dresses in the closet, and this have a place reserve in mine!

What a better way to light the mood than with this beautiful candle, perfect for our center table in the living room. Candles are fix accessories in our house and we can never have enough

To close this perfect out fit the perfume from Burberry is just the cherry on the ice cream. I am crazy about perfumes, and my daily routine includes baby oil on the shower, victoria secret body cream and perfume, wherever I go I have to smell fantastic, and my collection of perfumes are the living proof of that

Since 2 years I am crazy to have a bucket bag, and this bag from Tom Ford with structure leather and details on the side is just perfect!

To close this perfect Christmas wish list, what do you think about this perfect and beautiful underwear combination from La Perla, who cannot wish the Feline Chic La Perla outfit?



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