10 Facts about Me

Today I bring you guys another 10 little facts about me post, last time I had a lot of fun answer all of your personal questions, so today what a better way to start the day, than with another 10 secrets!

  1. The love of my life was my little pug name pinky. For me, was really difficult to leave her in Venezuela when I came to live to Austria. Unfortunately she die last year, but she die with 17 years, so I am pretty sure she was a extremely happy dog…
  1. My friends love how I cook, but the most beloved dessert is mine Venezuelan Lemon pie, in fact I try to do it for my birthday party every year, what people doesn’t know is I do 2 one for my guess and one just for me… So is actually good that my boyfriend is not the lemon pie type… because this is the only thing I don’t share…
  1. I hate to run, and that was a huge problem for me when I was in the capoeira group back in Venezuela. We used to train almost for 3 hours, and the first 40 min of the class we had to run all over the central university, so to scape for this horrible activity.. (also I dint want to be the last to arrive..) I used to hide behind a huge stone, and when I saw the group was passing by I just jump to join them. For 10 years no body notice my little trick… Also since 2 years I tried to run with my super, and patience friend Kerstin, I guess she really love me… but it didn’t work either, so discover a sport we can do together and is cycling!
  1. I cannot drink cola without ice, and for Austrian people specially in winter, is not so easy to understand.
  1. The perfect date for me, is sushi, wine and a horror movie with my man
  1. I have the ability to make everybody laugh, even when I am saying something serious sometimes my friends think I am just making fun..
  1. Although my first study was Fashion design, and we had to sew, all what we used to design, I hate it! Thanks to the love and the patience of my aunt I start to like a little bit to sew. Today is my meditation moment.
  1. I always wanted to be blond and have blue eyes, truth is I am brunet with green eyes
  1. My favorite place on earth is Los Roques, a federal dependency of Venezuela consisting approximately 350 island, cay and islet. I had the opportunity back in 2009 to take my friend Kerstin with me, and she was also surprise by the natural beauty of this place…
  1. I compete 2 times in the capoeira games in Boa Vista (Brazil), I took us 2 days by bus to arrive to Brazil, unfortunately I was eliminate by a dear friend Belen after the second round, and my hematomas need like 2 weeks to disappear…



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