A love story

She was from Venezuela, he was from Germany and one night in the beautiful city of Vienna, she ask him for a dance in a Latin club, and he said yes. After 8 years they are still together, laughing and crying, fall and stand up again, together.

This is the love story of my life, to be honest, I never imagine I would meet the love of life in Latin nightclub, but life works in amazing ways, and today, after almost 8 years we are still together shoulder by shoulder writing our life together.

Although you don’t know him, and probably never will, because I would like to have him just for myself, he is present not just in all the corners of this blog, because it is our personal project, but also all my jewelry is from him, and of course with a beautiful story behind.

This time, I wanted to have something I don’t have to take it off, and represent our love, in the sweetest way, and this year on Valentines day I got my special initials from Madeleine Issing in rose.

This fine and delicate piece is perfect for me, although I love to wear all the jewelry I can, and pretty special in what sort of jewelry I wear, and like to have little special delicate things, and of course after seeing the pieces of Madeleine Issing it was love at first sight, and I knew I have to have this beautiful necklace with our initials on it.

Chris and I have overcome so many things, that I know that we have a bright future together; all these years of laughing, distance, falls and stand up have made our love really strong, and what a better way to celebrate and embrace our love than to have him on my neck everyday…





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