Super Foods

Today’s post is all about Super foods, and we research the benefits of  Maca, but what is Maca? Maca is part of the radish family and came from the native Andes Mountains, Maca is one of the oldest foods and was consumed by the Incas, and by the centuries Maca it’s been called the magical food of the gods.

For centuries people have been using Maca power to cure health problems, having a direct effect of the circulation of the endocrine system, and is not reported any toxic side effect. It’s recommended taking a spoon a day, normally I mix it in my smoothies, I take it everyday for one week and the second week I stop, and I continue like this.

Maca contains over 55 beneficial and naturally occurring phytochemicals, and this chemical can have a direct effect over your hormones, immune system, reproduction system and brain.


Improve your energy, increase the fertility in man and woman, help migraines, speeds wound healing and benefits the circulatory system as well, Maca enhances memory as well as our ability to learn and process mentally, is a multivitamin package, boost your immune system, reduce the stress because it has a direct effect on cortisol.



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