Meaningful Design for your Home

RGC Projects is an interior design studio specialized in residential design services for the expat community. The company is dedicated to helping individuals and families to feel at home wherever they are.

It was founded based on my belief that with the right space planning, the best possible storage furniture combined with meaningful accessories, accent pieces, and colors, any house can be transformed into a home and positively change the lives of its owners.

Today I want to talk about precisely what I mean by “meaningful” and how important this word is to me whenever I am thinking about interior spaces.

“Meaningful” accessories, accent pieces, and colors are the ones that come with emotional values and are the soul of the home.

Frequently when designers talk about their process of work and their choices, these come from an outside world perspective, considering styles and trends recognized by the mass. But let’s be honest, at the end of the day, your place should warm YOUR heart and make YOU happy.

That is why my main advice has to do with infusing personality to your place and make your home design meaningful to you. Believe me on this: only the uniqueness of who you are, translated into the design of your place, will create that wonderful feeling defined by the expression “there is no place like home.”


As an example, let me share with you a simple project I’ve just finished with a client. Maybe the picture says it all: we managed to transform their passion for music and the challenge of having a growing amount of instruments invading a room into wall art, bringing creative order, saving space, creating an entirely new meaning for the guitars and giving to this room a unique piece of conversation.

In other words, if you -or someone in your family- have a hobby, I would say that most probably it should be one of the starting points of your design concept.

How to use old furniture in a new space

Another great example that I love has to do with highlighting your collections and creating a new purpose for old furniture at the same time.

For this entryway, we used this great unique collection of carnival masks, and since the space was so small, we used an old nightstand totally revamped in red and black as a console table, creating this unexpected and yet very personal corner.

Collections are another excellent source for incredible design. Play with your stuff, and you will know when you have something that feels right.

Let’s go Vintage

Vintage furniture, in particular, upholstered furniture, can make quite a statement in any room of your home. No matter what is your style, you can play with any upholstered vintage furniture creating a new story to an old piece and certainly a very exclusive one.

Usually, when we talk about design, the theme goes around making your house look fabulous according to the world values. Here instead I want to highlight to you the importance of bringing your personality to your place. Because this is the most essential thing in any design. Be yourself. Make your space your own home. Not anybody else’s home.

All the ideas above can and should be totally customized to match the singularity, taste, and budget of each one of us and this is the beauty of them. I hope you find them useful to ensure that your project feels unique to you and if you have any suggestion to add I would love to hear from you!

For more information please visit RGC Projects Website.

Renata is an interior designer based in New York and the director of RGC Projects. RGC Projects is dedicated to helping individuals and families create a home wherever they are. I believe that with the right space planning, storage furniture, meaningful accessories, accent pieces, and colors, you can transform any house into a home and change your life.

Renata G Carvalho

RGC Projects Director, RGC Projects

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