It all depends from which perspective you look at it, and because I’m a romantic, I like to believe in the magic of this day, and make it as romantic as possible, either with friends or in the privacy of my significant other.

I have the  opinion that our current lives, where you have to run from work to the gym, to home, to the University etc, to have the opportunity to celebrate one day of the year, to commemorate Love and feel the love between people… It must be done.

Or just create a romantic atmosphere with your partner… I do not believe in expensive gifts or material things, what I think, is in the details and to create the right  environment, for example for that romantic dinner for Valentines, if we stay at home, I like to have dinner let’s say sexy… With candles, accompanied by a good bottle of wine and finally, I love to have strawberries dipped in chocolate…

Whatever way you celebrate the day of love… Among friends, in private or with yourself… Enjoy every moment and make your day a truly special day!

Happy Valentine



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