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Today we are going to talk about SEO (Search engine optimization) and why it is important. If you are a blogger or you are just thinking to have a website for your business this post is for you!

In this post, you will learn the best practice to improve your SEO, how to include your keywords and the best SEO plugins for you to improve the content on your website.

SEO can be sometimes tricky but with the right implementation, your traffic will increase, which is the gold if you have a website. I will be honest, when I started five years ago, I didn’t know anything about SEO. I wrote my content, I choose my titles and I didn’t change the name of the images.

I start making research on how can improve the traffic of my website, and then is when I started to learn about the magical world of SEO. The problem was that at that moment I already had a lot of posts on my website, which means, I had to work on those posts. Therefore, I pass weeks working on my old post to improve their SEO.

Now, the SEO comes naturally, and now I know how to write better content, how to make content research, how to improve my titles, and so on.

With this guide, you will learn how to find your niche, how to make your keyword research, and how to plan your keywords. After that, you will know how to implement those keywords on your content.

I will as well, give you the top plugins I use to improve my content and how I use them, giving you examples, for you to understand how these plugins work.

User experience

But SEO is not just about great content, it is also, about great user experience. For great user experience, your website should be fast, and more important it should be responsive. Also, your website design should be clean, structured and easy to navigate. In this guide, you will also find an example, how you should divide your website and where it should be the most important information.

I will, as well explain to you what is Robots.txt file and why it’s important for google to know which pages should be indexed and which not. Moreover, I show you in this guide why it is important to invest time in local SEO, and why you should also work on your Off-page SEO, not to mention I give you examples on how to build backlinks to your website.

I hope you find this guide useful and if you have any questions please write them on the comments, or write me an email!



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