Valentine’s days is coming closer, and for many Valentine’s days is one of the most romantic days of the year. Therefore, if you are one of those persons, you would like to plan a special night for your significant other. If you still don’t know what to get to your special one. Sure you can get chocolates, flowers and candle night dinner, or plan a cute surprise for your partner. Surprises are the best way to express your love, but also planning a special Valentine’s day together will give your partner the opportunity to enjoy even more the time together and you will be able to make plans which you know both are going to love.

Another good idea would be a weekend getaway, where you have your 100% time for each other, out of the routine.

But if you want to stay home a romantic candle dinner is one of the classic ideas for this special day. Whether you plan to cook an elaborate meal by yourself or order in pizza and eat by candlelight or make reservations in a cute little place, the special touch for this night have to comes from the heart and been meaningful.

Another good idea for Valentine’s Day date idea is to rent a series of movies and spend the evening watching movies and making popcorn at home.

I personally believe you don’t need a fixed date in the calendar to have romance or to be romantic, but of course having valentine in the calendar is the perfect excuse to through yourself in this romantic date.



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