Fall Fashion

Fall is here, and the temperature starts to fall down, and I have to put out my closet the cozy sweaters, boots, and scarfs. I love to have the opportunity to combine different textures, and I can just do this in the Fall before it gets too cold.

The most important thing to take into consideration in the Fall is the colors, colors are dark and neutral, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, because with the right accessories you can spruce up those neutral colors. There is a lot of combinations you can make, if you are not the neutral color kind of woman, and you like to use bright colors you can combine an orange Jacket with blue, or use a cape on top of your jacket. This is the year of the statement jackets, do you have already yours!?

Oversize sweater, are also a refreshing trend at the moment and you can always use it with a pair of leggings with a high heels pair of boots.

Here I select a gray palette ay is so easy to combine and, we select a couple of gray sweaters together with jeans and sweat pant.

Cooler Jackets, with cool scarfs and the right accessories, makes of these outfits the right choice for this fall.

With the right combination, you can make your outfit, looks great. This looks are really simple, and comfortable, especially for those cooler days in the fall, where the only thing you want to have is a cozy sweater, and if you put a beautiful bracelet, with a cool bag and a pair of boots you can  spice  things up, and go on a dinner date…



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