Valentine is around the corner, and I’ve always loved this month, because is the perfect excuse to be romantic and celebrate the people you love.

But, Valentine Day is not just reserve for my hubby, but also to celebrate friendship.

In the last years I have felt so happy and grateful for all the people who surround me, I have beautiful friends that over the years they have turned into more than just friends, they became part of my family.

When you live abroad, and have to start over in a new culture, in a new country where you not even speak the language, believe me is hard and lonely.

Over the years I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who fill my life with joy, that I am truly grateful, and all these people have been on my sight over my journey in this country.

So this year I want to celebrate Friendship, and the people who make my life easier, and happy, and of course interesting. What better way to celebrate friendship like with a Venezuelan brunch?

I think is the best idea to get with all our friends and prepare a pleasant day for them, and of course who is not a fan of a Venezuelan brunch?

Although this year, we decide to celebrate our friends that doesn’t mean I am going to leave my hubby out of the picture; of course, I will also plan a romantic evening with my significant other, to celebrate our love, our ups, and downs because that’s what life is really about.

For this case I prepare a little outfit inspiration, for this special romantic night with my hubby.

I am a big fan of white and simplicity; for me a white shirt is always perfect with a pair of jeans and red lips. To combine this outfit I want to put my dream bag; of course, valentine, and a few details more!

Happy valentines!




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