Weekly inspiration Outfit for the cold Days

Today was a particularly beautiful day, after the super snowy Monday we had this week, as soon as we saw the sun this morning, Lemontrend decide to go out for a weekly fashion inspiration. We believe Fashion is really about how to combine key pieces, and create a sophisticated look that works well for almost every occasion. The Sweater fur was love at first sight and is so warm and comfortable, you can use almost daily, combine with a grey sweater and a black pair of jeans.

Vienna, is a truly beautiful city, and I am thankful to be able to call this city, my hometown. In every corner there is a beautiful park where you can laid down in summer, or just sit down and recharge from a stressful day.

Today my friend Geli and I decide to take a walk to the park and make some outfit photos, to get inspire, and to have fun trying different styles.

Everytime we put together an outfit, we try to get the most, out of it, by trying to combine colors and textures, and let me tell you something Geli is the mother os style, and she knows what is the best way to put together an outfit.



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