Social media is nowadays an important tool to have direct contact and impact with your clients; at Lemontrend we understand the power of the content and how important is to reach the right people with your posts. Social media allows brands to increase their reach with a comparatively low budget and to be seen globally. It also allows companies to keep up-to-date and provide their customers with information in real-time. These media are indispensable for brands, institutions, personalities and governmental institutions.

You want to drive attention to your business, and develop a real and direct relation with your clients. Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to interact with your clients; you can read the comments, messages, and status updates to get insights into their daily lives.

Newsletters, are important to keep your client’s update with your latest products and services; you can personalize your offers and deliver the right message to your customers. At Lemontrend we create beautiful and engaging newsletters, with the right content to keep your clients inform, and by building a strong relation between you and your target audience.

At lemontrend we carefully design the perfect social media plan for your business; we will help you to identify your business goal and develop the best strategies to reach the right customers.

We will identify your ideal customer, by researching your target audience’s age, occupation, income, interests, pains, problems, obstacles, habits, likes, dislikes, motivations and objections, then it’s easier and cheaper to target them on social or any other media.

Our Plan Includes

  • Content posted 3-5 times per week, 3-5 days a week to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Unique content, specifically created for your business
  • Articles and images carefully chosen to interest your target audience
  • Consistent use of hashtags to increase your chances of being found in social searches
  • Newsletter Management

If you are interested in Social Media Marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us.