Actor Craig Izzard

Craig Izzard started his acting career in 2011, and as a supporting actor, he has achieved success after success, after being in one of the top movies of Hollywood. In his long list of movies, we can found him in James Bond-Skyfall, Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent and Mercenaries.

Because every story has a beginning, we bring you today the starting point of Craig race, and where he is heading. We are more than sure that his career will not stop here, but it will continue, making him achieve even more success than he already has.

Tell us about the process of becoming an actor

It started when I auditioned for reality TV show Big Brother in 2009. Although I didn’t make it into the house, I made some vital contacts, which led to my first screen role, as a doorman, in 2011 film weekender

Tell me about a time where you had difficulty turning yourself into a character. What was the character and why was it challenging?

Maleficent 2014 I was one of King Henry’s soldiers.  We were fighting against the blue screen with numerous mythical creatures, which did not exist, getting into the character fighting something, which isn’t actually there, was quite challenging

What was your most memorable role? Why?

It has to be BBC soap EastEnders, I play a Walford FC football player.  It is just a small extra part but I have wanted to appear in Eastenders since I was a very young age.  It won’t be screening until later this year.

I also got down to the final two people to play Johnny Depp’s double in the Alice in Wonderland Sequel.  Unfortunately, I did not get the part, but to be told you look like Johnny Depp can’t be bad can it?

Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve as an actor

I would like to improve on my action and fight scenes.  Perhaps even attend a stunt course.

What kind of roles do you prefer?

I like playing roles in medieval times and period dramas, the costumes and props are very interesting

What are your strong points as an actor?

I would say my personality and sense of humor

What would be your dream role and what you feel you would bring to it

To get the main part of a new blockbuster movie would be my dream.

What would you recommend to someone who is starting in this business?

Don’t ever give up, chances are you will get lots of knock backs but your chance will come.  The main thing is to enjoy what you do

What have you learned from the directors that you have work with throughout your career?

How to take direction and really come out of yourself to play your role

If you could change just one thing about the industry with the wave of a magic wand, what would it be?

You shouldn’t have to go to acting/theatre school, for anyone to be picked off the street to appear as the main character in a major movie

What do you love about your job, and why?

I love meeting so many new peoples, and to have fun.  I have made some very close friends in some of my early films.

Are there any new projects you are working on that you can talk about?

I have a few things coming up for the summer which I can’t really talk about at the moment.  And BBC Eastenders will be airing later this year.


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