My name is Sally and I’m a fashion designer from Venezuela. Since I have been a young girl, I was very interested in fashion, and I have started to design my own clothes. Venezuelan women are very exciting for Designers; as they are extremely feminine, love to embrace their bodies and to try new styles. For me, fashion is a way to express yourself, and it is fascinating to see which pieces you can create with different angles and cuts. I decided that fashion is my passion and in 2005 I got my diploma in Fashion Design from Centro de Formacion Artistica Brivil, Caracas. After graduation, I had the great opportunity to work with different Venezuelan designers and model agencies, like L’altro Uomo, the biggest Model Agency in Caracas. Working as a booker and organizing fashion shows gave me an insight into the world of fashion, that only a few people know.

However, sometimes life has big plans and that’s why I moved to Austria years ago where I met my husband. He inspired me to create Lemontrend and to pursue my passion.

The idea behind Lemontrend is not only to present you new styles or fashion trends but also to show you all the people who work so hard to make the fashion world possible, and to illustrate their ways to develop their carriers. My goal is to support and to inspire new as well as future talents. At Lemontrend, you will find interviews of all these amazing people combined with fashion trends and lifestyle articles. Let yourself be inspired …

About Me 

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