New Years have arrived and are a time for resolution. Nine times out of ten, people decide to start a fitness regime in their New Year resolution. Every person wants to start the year in a healthy way. But, they just don’t know to start. Every year a new fitness resolution is made and forgotten. Here is how you can start your New Year with the right fitness program that will suit your needs.

The first question, you need to answer, is: Why?

Every person has different needs, Some want to lose excess weight, meanwhile, others just want to maintain their weight. There is another group of people, suffering from medical conditions, who have other needs. Once you answer why you want to start this journey, you can effectively work out a program that is good for you.

It’s necessary to have a goal when you start a fitness program. This will help you to stick to your program. Having a goal will also help map your progress when you workout and help you decide whether the chosen fitness regime is effective or not.

The gym is not your Only Option

A lot of people think the answer to weight loss is going to the gym, however, this option can be expensive for some, and requires a lot of time and effort.

Normally, when you make the decision to join the gym, you will need to spare the time to reach the gym, park the car, waiting time for the equipment, shower and then the time is taken to go back home, you must know for sure, the amount of time you can devote to a planned workout, in a gym. Only then must you join a gym.

Home Based Fitness Regime

If you decide to train at home there are numerous workout equipment available in the market today, or you can find a lot of videos on the Internet that you can follow. Fitness experts would tell you that walking and running are the easier, natural, and more pleasing forms of exercise, which also help build stamina, promote weight loss, and make for healthy living.

Be Prepared For a Diet

One thing, you need to know about 80% of a weight loss program, is the diet, and 20% is exercise. Fitness and diet go hand by hand. You cannot start a fitness program if you are not willing to change your eating habits. Once you get rid of the extra calories in a daily basis, your body will start changing with the time, remember that you are changing your entire life to enter in the healthy pact, not for a while but for a long term, super-fast diets will help you for a couple of weeks but the weight will return.


This is the hardest part of any program; stick to your program in the sunny and in the gray days will make the difference. Sometimes we wake up, and we want to stay in bed and eat a chocolate cake, but to stay strong and be committed to your program, will make a difference tomorrow. Remember you have to have the patience to see results.

Keep it exciting

To have a fixed daily routine becomes quite boring after a while. It’s important to keep interested and continue with your exercise and diet plan. Most people stop exercising, once they think that they can no longer lose more weight then than they have lost. Others just get lazy or are plain unexcited by the prospect of the daily exercise regimen.

Incorporate excitement into your fitness program. You can do this by making certain little changes in the exercises or focusing on short-term goals.

These are a few pointers that you will have considered before you start working on your New Years Resolution. These are definitely not the only factors that you have to take into consideration if you want to start the year with the right fitness regime, but they will definitely help you embark upon a successful fitness plan.

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