Terrace Inspiration

Today I have for you guys a small terrace Inspiration. You see, Vienna is getting warmer, and there is nothing better than to drink your morning coffee on the terrace when the city is still quiet and you have a chance to see the sunrise.

After a long winter, the warm time in Vienna is beautiful, so I got inspired and put together a little guide so you can create a space for yourself and you enjoy your time outside, away from technology, maybe with a nice book and a cup of tea.

BBQ, dinners, or just to hang out, a terrace is the perfect place to spend the summer, and get the so much need it vitamin D I miss during the winter.

For me, it is important that is cosy, full of colours and somehow romantic. If you add some flowers together with dark green plants, you will have a nice combination, one of the plants I am in love with are orange or lemon little trees together with some lavender flowers.

For me is perfect to plant some tomatoes, chillies, basil and have my own little garden. Nowadays with the stressful lives we have, there is nothing better than to relax by doing some gardening work, although I don’t have a house with a garden, a terrace is also fine.

To get the perfect romantic atmosphere, nothing like some candles or oil lanterns, to turn on during the night maybe with some little lights you could hang around, and you will have the perfect evening for your self, or maybe with some friends.

For the sunny days, it is important to have an umbrella, with some pillows to fill the chair to add extra comfort. It is perfect to spent the afternoon on Saturdays on a terrace to enjoy the sun and have a little getaway in the city.

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