London recently hosted the acclaimed ‘World Premier’ launch SPECTRE James Bond 007. The presentation has been the pinnacle of all the movies filled with such phenomenal power and action. As an avid Bond disciple, Mr. Moore was my initiation in my childhood. I have observed, held in intrigue as each Bond is so varied and makes the role theirs.

However, Mr. Daniel Craig is of a total superior league. A fine actor who graduated from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and initially started on stage. In his various film journeys, he submerges into the role, eats, breathes, and ‘bonds ‘close to his production team as they strive to deliver the best to date. He has taken his character and totally made his. He has refreshed, given depth and modernized the agent. Surely Ian Fleming would be elated. Even at one point, he made him vulnerable, aging, out of shape and not on top form from his usual nuclear-fuelled persona.

Ice blue eyes, killer instinct, toned tactile physique trained by the elite of Her Majesty’s forces, Bond is the very epitome of a spy who will put his life second to Queen and country.

If the previous box hit Skyfall left audiences speechless, SPECTRE will leave them gasping for air.

Sam Mendes takes this movie to a new level of knife-edge adrenalin were visuals and stunts will leave you precariously on the edge of your seat, risking an aerial display of popcorn.

Gone is the beloved Judi Dench as M, but the slick ruthless Ralph Fiennes more than compensates such an important role. The adorable exotic chocolate Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny is candy to the eyes and her slick performance, loyalty to Bond no matter what the circumstances (despite she accidentally shot him in Skyfall),  are possible signs of a deep undercurrent of emotions.

Ben Whishaw continues as the rather preppy, geeky, cute Q who you really wouldn’t want as an enemy as his talents in his field are matchless.

As the oldest Bond girl to play such an iconic role, Monica Bellucci raises the temperature up to Sahara midday heat and every red hot-blooded male will be in need of ice down.

Stunning French actress Léa Seydoux enthralls as a Bond girl.

With references to previous movies interlaced within Spectre, the highlights of a Bond saga has to be the villain. Christoph Waltz takes on the role of his cool effortless stride.

This is Daniel Craig at his very best. He has molded Bond and made his. From an aged falling to pieces agent, to a man haunted from his past, he brings the character alive, realistic and even more likable.

Buckle yourself in your chair, as you are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride, SPECTRE an explosion of uncontrolled dynamite.

Louis Mariette

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