Venezuelan Model Barbara Sanchez

Barbara Sanchez is a recognized model from Venezuela; she was born in El Tigre Anzoátegui, and since she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a model and the next Miss Venezuela, although it was not until she was 17, when together with her mother, they venture to move to the capital to search for an agency and makes her dream came true. Everything started with the casting to be the next Miss Venezuela but because she was underage, she was told to come again next year. Without losing her time, the same week she was already on the catwalks but not like a Miss but as model. This experience was repeated many times, so many times that she forgot about the Miss Venezuela. Over the years her mother remained her first goal, and 4 years later when she was modeling in an event where the present of Miss Venezuela also attended, he look at her and he invited her to participate in the Miss Venezuela.

From the night of her participation in the Miss Venezuela contest, she is remembered as an ex-Miss for Venezuelan.

After that experience she learned, that sometimes your dreams doesn’t necessarily have to happen at the moment to became like you want. She learned that for every situation there is a perfect moment, and this changes completely the way she looks at the things, and how to think and most important she learned to have patience.

The modeling career in another hand brought beautiful moments to her life also, like the opportunity to travel and meet people from other countries. Also her role as a model makes her felt more secure about herself, and gave her the courage to look different, escaping from the monotony, when each designer put on her their last creations.

Her hard work and her constancy help her to build her career and success when you combine your work and your passion you cannot fail.

Her first international catwalk was also her first catwalk and was for the international Columbian designer Olga Piedrahita. Her experience as a model in the international catwalks was the most gratifying experience because it makes her grow faster.

Today she has a radio program, and on the weekend she has her own play in the theaters of Caracas, which means she works from Monday to Monday, and more importantly she is also the mother of a beautiful girl.

I remember when I used to work at L’altro Uomo, we used to work a lot with Barbara, I used to call her for the castings we had at the agency, and even International Designers came to the agency just to see her walk.

But for me, of course, is a pleasure to present to you her last work…

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