Street Style Ho Ze

Today we bring you guys, the street style of Ho Ze, he is from Taiwan, and he is currently living in Vienna. He is a Graphic Designer, who has a special passion for art. He was always in love with the European Culture, till he ends up in our beautiful Vienna.

How would you describe your style?

My style, I would say simple and with a bit of mixture. I don’t really follow the actual trends I just find clothes that fit me… If you have the style you never go out of fashion.

What is your must-have item?


Where you buy normally your clothes?

Asos, Zara, and local designers.

What is a NO-Go for you?

Turtleneck, and orange color!

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

This necklace, that I made by myself!

Less or more?

I would say definitely less

You are most comfortable in?

V-neck shirts and jeans

What are the best accessories a man should have and why?

Watch and shoes, a good pair of shoes can bring up your outfit!

What is the best shop online?

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