Street Style Liliana Barela

Today we bring you guys, the street style of Liliana Barela, a Venezuelan girl living in New York. She is the typical Venezuelan woman, full of energy, spontaneous and always with a warm smile, however, she is also the mastermind behind by MHG. A couple of weeks we brought you guys a close interview with Liliana about her brand by MHG, but today is all about her style and how she describes it.

How would you describe your Street Style?

I guess I am a classic style. Love pretty clothes but nothing over the edge

What is your must-have item?

Accessories. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces… they can change an outfit completely

Where do you buy normally your clothes?

I love stores like H&M and forever 21, and here in NYC there’s Century 21 a big department store with the best brands and the best prices

What is a NO-Go for your Street Style?

To go out without earrings. My mom always says u can’t go out without lipstick and earrings. I guess I can skip lipstick but earrings? No way

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

My summer dresses. I just love to go out in them, long or short, I just love them

Less or more?

For me, less is more. The trick is how you mix

Are you most comfortable in?

Summer dresses

What are the best accessories a woman should have and why?

Earrings. I don’t know I think they define feminity

What are the perfect everyday shoes?

Flat sandals. I come from Venezuela I used to wear them every day. Bow in NYC only summer months

What is your favorite bag?

Carolina Herrera. I just love every one of her designs

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