Date night

Friday is finally here, and after such a busy week, Friday is for the time to take just for us, meaning date night. Date night does not necessarily mean to go out, it also means a good horror movie, pizza, wine and crawls on the sofa.

Although we always prefer the sofa date, tonight we want to go out and take advantage of the last summer days and take the city. Vienna is a remarkable city with so much to offer, especially in summer, with this in mind, we love to take a walk on the Danube, and just pick a cool place to sit and have something to eat.

As you can see, coming from Venezuela, summer is the most waiting time of the year, and when is finally here, we are always looking for new places, and discover a new restaurant in town.

One of the pleasures to live so close to the Danube canal is that anytime we can just go down and take a walk, next to it, and just sit down and be thankful for being in a great city, and to have the opportunity to call this city my hometown

The Danube Canal (otherwise called the “Little Danube”) rose up out of the control of the Danube between 1870 to 1875. It is the southernmost unique arm of the Danube in Vienna, 17.3 km long in its present-day shape, and streams past the Vienna Old City.

You can become more acquainted with the Danube Canal on the Twin City Liner or a DDSG journey boat, or you can share of its feel in one of the various open-air eateries circumscribing the Danube Canal.

In Vienna, the Danube is inescapable – whether as the Donau-Auen National Park or Old Danube, Danube Island or Danube Canal. This additionally implies the stream banks and shorelines are close by.

The Viennese use it for entertainment, diversions and sports or for pleasurable hours in the shoreline bistros, bars and eateries on the Old Danube, and in addition Copa Cagrana and Sunken City on Danube Island.



Ivy & Oak Maxidress: For the summer time, a black maxi-dress is always a must on your closet, in addition, a black maxi dress is versatile, and depends on how you style it you can use it for multiple occasions.


Biker jacket: One of my favourite items in my closet, it always gives an edgy look to your outfit.


Ankle Boots: My favourite ankle boots for this outfit, because it gives colour to the complete outfit, and give this special touch.


Furla Bag: how cool is this love bag? I found it super cool and cute


Plietsh and Dieterle ring: lately I am in love with this tiny rings, that sometimes I put too many, I think they are delicate and you can never have too much!


Perfume: I have lost the count on how many perfumes I have, this is something I cannot go out of the house without.


Nyx Lipstick: I love all the products of Nyx, and this nude lipstick is one of my favourites!





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