Weekend wish List

Throughout the weekend, C and I concluded our appointments for an extraordinary little escape this weekend. It appears to be insane even simply thinking of this out, however, this year we were both so busy with work that we barely made it to our holidays, after our 2 weeks away from civilization, we are back and we decide to take things slow and take advantage of any free time, so we choose to skip town and have our weekend away meanwhile is still summer here in Vienna. Austria is such a beautiful country, and we realize we have not dedicated that much time to discover more about this lovely country, so we will just pack our things and get in touch with nature every time we can.

That’s why I decide to put a little summer wish list, now that we have a super hot week, and who knows, we don’t know how long we will have this long summer and is our intention to take advantage of the heat as much as we can.

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