Fashion Designer Alejandro Ramirez

Alejandro is a young and emerging fashion designer from Venezuela; his passion for fashion came at an early age. His passion began looking at fashion magazines of his mother and aunts which drove him to dress the women of his family, unaware that his passion should become one day in his life’s work.

Alejandro tries to fool his fate, and he began to study mechanical engineering, and despite, the fact that he was good at engineering, he could not walk far away from his destiny. Thanks to the support of his grandfather who told him that he has to pursue his dreams, this dreamer change mathematics and calculations for fabrics and designs.

While he studied design, his qualities to illustrate, gave him the opportunity to work as an illustrator for designers like Angel Sanchez, and Oscar Carvallo

Alejandro Ramirez has graduate with honors in 2000 from The Instituto Brivil. He starts his career in the house of his grandmother, where he develops his first atelier. In his Grandmother’s house he starts producing not just dresses, but his career…

To become a designer was not an easy process, but he gains his experience working with different Venezuelan fashion designers, like Hugo Espina, Ranera and Gianni Straccia, this opportunity gave him the right connections to develop him as a fashion designer, and makes him today one the most beloved Venezuelan designers.


Comfortable and sexy is the woman of Alejandro, making sure to make the perfect mix between solid colors, shapes and textures, the way he shapes the feminine body is simply amazing.


Personally, I had the opportunity to work together with this mastermind of fashion, after graduating from the same university, and got to have a closer look, of the way his work, and I must say I learned a lot from him, not just from his mixture of fabrics and textures, but he also teaches how to illustrate in the most fashionable way.

Is not a secret that Lemontrend is in love with the work of this designer, follow us closely to keep updated with the last work of Alejandro Ramirez.



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