Yury Revich

FNYR was created in 2015 as a concert cycle “Friday Nights with Yury Revich” by Yury Revich. In 2023, FESTIVAL NIGHTS was created.
The aim of the project is to develop a new event format that combines a formal classical music concert and an informal concert with other art forms: the “Concert of Arts”.

The concept is based on a synergetic and dialogic collaboration between music, art, applied arts, theater, dance and fashion with the aim of opening new perspectives to hear art and see music.

“Friday Nights with Yury Revich” is the main project of MY ARTS, Association for Cultural Support, a transdisciplinary non-profit organization for the promotion and networking of young creative potential on a national and international level.


4 concerts of the arts in the HEIDI HORTEN COLLECTION

Hanuschgasse 3, 1010 Vienna accompanied by an ongoing exhibition at the VILLA MAUTNER-JÄGER Landstraßer Hauptstraße 140/142, 1030 Vienna

Concerts of the Arts – HEIDI HORTEN COLLECTION

This immersive performance creates a dialogue of music, visual arts, theater, dance and fashion. The museum transforms into a stage where the audience becomes part of the performance.

Listen: Listening, Atrium

Feeling: The Melting World, Plateau 1

See: La Muse and La Mode, Plateau 2

1.10.2023 Sunday, CONCERT OF THE ARTS (premiere)

Admission: 19:30

Start: 20:00


Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Mariko Hara (viola)

Basha Slavinska (accordion)

Simone Sgarbanti (piano)

Manaho Shimokawa (dance)

Martin Tardy (live painting)

and special guests…

Music: Bach, Sarasate, Revich and others.

3.10.2023 Tuesday,CONCERT OF THE ARTS

Admission: 19:30

Start: 20:00


Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Philipp Hochmair (theater)

Markus Freistätter (theater)

Mariko Hara (viola)

Basha Slavinska (accordion)

Manaho Shimokawa (dance)

Martin Tardy (live painting)

Music: Paganini, Vivaldi, Revich and others.

6.10.2023 Friday, CONCERT OF THE ARTS

Admission: 19:30

Start: 20:00


Yury Revich and Project OLARIO

Joe Rabl (theater)

Mariko Hara (viola)

Basha Slavinska (accordion)

Anton Gerzenberg (piano)

Cat Jimenez (dance)

Martin Tardy (live painting)

Music: Beethoven, Gershwin-Frolov, Revich and others.

7.10.2023 Saturday, CHARITY Gala Concert

Admission: 19:30

Start: 20:00


Yury Revich

Gedeon Burkhard

Sunnyi Melles

Cesar Sampson

Valerie Huber

Helge Payer

Liudmila Konovalova


1.10.2023 – 7.10.2023, Exhibition


Allora & Calzadilla

Mirosław Bałka

Marianne Berenhaut

Agnieszka Brzeżańska

Ira Eduardovna

Michel François

Lior Gal,

Amos Gitaï

Douglas Gordon

Danielle Kaganov

Sharon Lockhart

Shirin Neshat

Samir Odeh-Tamimi

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Nira Pereg

Buky Schwartz

Miri Segal

Peter Welz

Bet Alpha at the Villa Mautner-Jäger, Vienna

About Bet Alpha at Villa Mautner-Jäger, Vienna.

The presentation Bet Alpha comprises a series of video installations and spatial projections that occupy the Villa Mautner-Jäger for a week as a kind of urban storm or makeshift fair. The name is borrowed from the kibbutz Bet Alpha in northern Israel. The presentation revolves around the idea of “exhibition as place,” which amounts to the experience of both a concrete and an abstract locality. The title refers to an original condition (in Hebrew, “Bet Alpha” stands for House Alpha) as well as a disruptive framework (if read as the inversion of the word alphabet).

Bet Alpha aims to transform an existing architecture into a sequence of spaces recreated through screens and canvases. Through the use of projections and film and video screenings, the physical reality of the site is obscured, literally shielded, but in doing so also foregrounds the question of how an open and elusive historical-social reality can be accessed at all. Oscillating between documentary representation and elaborate fantasy, fiction and optical illusion, Bet Alpha repeatedly shows Pier Paolo Pasolini’s documentary film Sopralloughi in Palestina from 1963, made during the legendary filmmaker’s preparations for his groundbreaking film The 1st Gospel – Matthew (Il Vecchio). Gospel – Matthew (Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo) from 1964, the documentary offers an original view of the then young country of Israel and conveys the director’s reflections on the state of the biblical landscape as a melting pot of the distant and recent past.

The exhibition unfolds across a broad spectrum of projected entities in space, from cinema to video and recorded performance. It includes works by twenty artists* with very different backgrounds. As it moves between spaces, Bet Alpha itself becomes a kind of film, irregularly edited and continually re-edited in real time according to the movement of visitors*. Bet Alpha moves back and forth between the real and the imaginary, the material and the virtual, through various forms of projection and display, plus some sculptural interventions. These sculptural interventions represent the wholly material pole of Bet Alpha, anchoring the presentation in a physical ground that is continually abandoned and rediscovered.

Bet Alpha amounts to an experience that transforms the Villa Mautner-Jäger into a sanctuary, an enclave separated from its surroundings, the urban, communal fabric in which it is embedded. Bet Alpha treats the villa as a place of daydreaming, a launching pad for events and situations that transcend and transcend the historical present – that is, the generally established, or rather ideologically hegemonic, everyday reality.

Organized in collaboration with the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation and curated by Ory Dessau.

For more information, please visit:

Festival Nights

Heidi Horten Collection


Program 2017 Angels and Demons

21 April 2017, 19:00

Bank Austria Salon

Good and evil fight once again. We experience a very important and historical period from all perspectives. Baroque and modern Austrian music meet with the Italian ‘demons thrill’, and photos from the island of Lesvos, which were presented at the ‘Ai Weiwei at Cycladic’ exhibition in Athens in 2016. In addition, the documentary ‘4.1 Miles’ by Daphne Matziaraki (2016), which is nominated for the Oscar, will be presented.


Yury Revich Violin, Olga Filippova Cembalo, Elli Papadiamanti Mezzosoprano, Ensemble VoxGotica, Stefan Kropfitsch, Violin, Michalis Bakos & Dimitris Fotiou Photographers

Ensemble VoxGotica – sacred music of the Middle Ages

Niccolò Paganini – Caprice No.24, Stefan Kropfitsch, Violin

Giuseppe Tartini – The Devil Thrill Sonatins; Yury Revich, violin, and Olga Filippova, harpsichord

Heinz Biber – Sonata in E minor; Yury Revich and Olga Filippova

Akos Banlaky – Follia; Yury Revich

Georg Händel – ‘Where shall I fly’; Elli Papadiamanti, vocals, and Olga Filippova

Johanna Doderer / Pieter Bruegel – The Crucifixion, Yury Revich and Visuals

Niccolo Paganini – La Campanella; Yury Revich and Olga Filippova

Curator: Mia Papaefthimiou

The Power of Three

May 19, 2017, 19:30

Viennese Music Association, Brahms-Saal

‘Art – Audience – AR’

At the edge of the unattainable, the audience is invited to experience the concept of Friday Nights directly: to see music and to hear art. The innovative and creative technologies mix with the world of classical music, with the aim of changing the environment of the audience.


Yury Revich Violin, Olga Filippova Cembalo, Karim El Seroui, Art Installation, MY SOUNDS Orchestra Vienna, Visuals.

Curator: Mia Papaefthimiou


Giuseppe Tartini

Sonata for Violin in G minor, “Teufelstrillersonate”

Johanna Doderer / Pieter Bruegel

The cross-bearing

Eugène Ysaÿe

Sonata for Violin solo D minor, op. 27/3, “Ballad”

Karol Szymanowski

Notturno e Tarantella, op. 28

Astor Piazzolla / Antonio Vivaldi / Yuri Revich


Claude Debussy

The girl with flaxen hair

Maurice Ravel

Sonata for Violin and Piano G major

Max Richter


Claude Debussy


Pablo de Sarasate

Carmen-Fantasia according to Georges Bizet, op. 25

The Kiss

June 16, 2017, 19:00

Belvedere Museum Vienna

In this very important cooperation with the Belvedere Museum, we present an ode to the ‘Viennese Art Nouveau’ period. The event begins at the entrance of the museum and is focussed in the exhibition space, where Gustav Klimt’s work of art ‘Der Kuss’ is located. Together with young and talented artists, established figures of the art scene lead the audience back to the golden era of Vienna.


Yury Revich Violin, Ferhan and Ferzan Oen Piano, Brendan Goh Cello, Massimiliano Girardi Saxophone, Manaho Shimokawa Modern Dance, Alexandra Yangel Vocal, Andrej Polukord Art Performance, Cuarteto Cameselle et al.

Tableau Vivant couture presentation by Alwa Petroni

Curator: Mia Papaefthimiou


All Eyes On You

22 September 2017, 19:00

Bank Austria Salon

Here in our headquarters the work of our Young Artists in Residence 2017, Dominik Wagner and Mario Nubauer.


Dominik Wagner double bass, Maciej Skarbek, piano, Mario Nubauer painting

For more information please visit: Friday Nights

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